The Young Prophets

The Young Prophets

9 Episodes

Join host Justin Allen as he talks with a wide variety of guests about how God is moving in different spheres of influence throughout our culture.

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The Young Prophets
  • Episode #1 - Lyle & Allyson Phillips

    Episode 1

    Welcome to the debut episode of The Young Prophets. In this episode we chat with Lyle & Allyson Phillips of Legacy Church Nashville, TN, about church planting, marriage and family, pace of life, fashion, culture and more.

  • Episode #2 - Kayle Mumby

    Episode 2

    Kayle shares about his ministry to trafficking victims in Mexico, how to minister to high places of government and we also learn obscure and interesting facts about Canada.

  • Episode #3 - Corey & Katie Perkins

    Episode 3

    Corey (Iris Global/Heidi Baker) & Katie (Bethel Church) join us from Redding, California. We discuss how to engage culture through social media, humanitarian aid, Corey's most embarrassing ministry moment and much more.

  • Episode #4 - Randy Clark

    Episode 4

    Randy Clark joins us live from Brazil to discuss ministry, family and the future.  Executive Director of Global Awakening, Josh Clark, special guests

  • Episode #5 - Ryan LeStrange

    Episode 5

    Ryan LeStrange joins us in this episode to talk all things prophetic and Kingdom.

  • Episode #6 - Topher Jones aka King Arthur

    Episode 6

    Topher stops by to talk music, art, culture and how to engage as a Christian in a non-Christian market.

  • Episode #7 - Steve and Rhema Trayner

    Episode 7

    Steven and Rhema hail from NYC. In this episode we talk about what the expression of church looks like for the Trayner's in NYC, the fashion industry, and what God is showing them for the future.

  • Episode #8 - Corey Hayes

    Episode 8

    Corey Hayes talks about His creative journey and what has influenced him to do what He does in photography.

  • Episode #9 - Jeremiah Johnson

    Episode 9

    Jeremiah Johnson joins us to discuss various aspects of ministry and the prophetic.