Revival Vault

Revival Vault

Experience a taste of modern day revival history through this archive footage from the outpouring in Toronto. You've heard the stories, now you can watch it!

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Revival Vault
  • Toronto Testimonies - January 1995

    A couple of testimonies from Toronto in 1995. Ken Gott shares how the revival swept across the pond to Sunderland, England. Another local church member, who wasn't particularly fond of what was happening in Toronto, talks about her experience being touched by the Holy Spirit

  • Toronto 1 Year Anniversary

    During the first anniversary of the Toronto Blessing, Randy Clark shared testimonies and stories of of the amazing things he had seen God doing around the world.

  • Fire Falls in South America - March 1997

    During an international trip to South America in 1997, Randy Clark calls for the fire of God to fall upon hungry hearts. The Holy Spirit responds and touches the people in a powerful way.

  • Ron Allen's Testimony - "I'm Not This Way"

    Ron, a leader in the Vineyard, came to visit Toronto in 1994. He attempts to give his testimony, but doesn't make it very far!

  • Laughter Breaks Out in Toronto

    As Peter is sharing his testimony, he's hit with a massive joy bomb!

  • Volunteer Fireman Hits the Floor During Testimony

    A man from Florida tried to testify of his experience with the Holy Spirit in Toronto. He doesn't make it very far before he hits the floor.

  • The Toronto Story - John Arnott & Randy Clark

    In this 1997 interview, John and Randy share some back story about the revival.

  • Stories from Toronto - October 1994

    Secular news outlets had begun to cover the story of the Toronto Blessing. On October 15,1994, Randy shared a few of the news clippings and the church had a big laugh!

  • The Toronto/Brownsville Connection

    The revivals of the mid 90's could be described as "Two Streams, One River". In this clip, leaders of the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, FL, talk about their experiences and connection to the outpouring in Toronto.

  • Randy Interviewed in Toronto - April 1996

    In April of '96, John Arnott interviewed Randy. Randy shared some of what he had been seeing and experiencing over the last 2 years.

  • Quiet Little Mennonite Gets Wrecked in Toronto

    Ron was a quiet mennonite commodities broker and the Holy Spirit totally wrecked him!

  • Randy & DeAnne Clark in Toronto 1995

    At the one year anniversary of the Toronto Blessing, DeAnne gets the opportunity to share what the experience had been like for her.

  • Unusual Manifestations During Worship - David Ruis 1994

    Deep from the recesses of the archive, the quality of the original tape is failing, but the content of this clip is worth seeing!

    After the revival hit in January of '94, Randy Clark, and others began traveling extensively spreading the revival fires of Toronto around the world. In this early...

  • Gold Teeth Appear in South Africa & Toronto

    This strange manifestation of God's power was first witnessed by John & Carol Arnott in South Africa and upon their return to Toronto, it began to occur back home. An overwhelming number of people experienced this unusual touch from God.

  • Worship - October 1994

    David Ruis was an influential Vineyard worship leader during the Toronto outpouring. He authored many songs sung during the revival like Every Move I Make, We Will Dance, Mercy is Falling and I Will Give You All My Worship. This clip gives a sneak peak into the worship that accompanied the move...